A scientific study into our customers - The results are in!

A Scientific study of our customers – The results are in!

Here at James’s we consider looking after our customers the most important part of what we do and think of it as more of an art than a science, offering high levels of customer service, as we do, means we try to give every customer a truly memorable and personal shopping experience. This typically requires artistic traits such as creativity, an eye for detail, humour, fashion expertise and certainly a lot of thinking on our feet.  However,  in the interest of self improvement we recently decided to try and take a more scientific view of our business, to see if it would offer us any new thought provoking insights into understanding our customers.


So with this in mind we conducted a comprehensive study into what makes our customers tick,  this much involved process meant sitting down for long periods of time observing and engaging with our customers as they walked through our doors (to the cynical readers and customers out there this may just sound like any other day) However, it was intense, painstaking work and took many man hours as well as lots of cups of tea to complete. Once finished we evaluated our data with some close expert analysis and I’m pleased to say our huge scientific study unearthed a number of key findings, none of which came as much of a surprise to us, but they might to you.


Key Finding 1:


Upon entering a clothes shop the average male shopper not only rarely shows outward signs of enthusiasm but their eyes officially glaze over after approximately 3 minutes and 42 seconds of passing through the front door.


Key Finding 2:


Making men laugh with sarcasm, innuendo and ironic observations is the most effective method for delaying this glazing over effect, in some instances it extended the glazing over time to almost 8 minutes and led them to have a very enjoyable and memorable shopping experience.


Key Finding 3:


72% of men have little or no idea of their (current) size, although strangely over 80% of respondents could recall perfectly their chest, waist and neck measurements from when they were in their 20’s.  In 100% of these cases the sizes given bore absolutely no resemblance to their current measurements.


Key Finding 4:


64% of respondents reported they’d been politely asked/instructed or forced into the shop by a female friend or family member. 21% came in because they had an event to attend in less than 24 hours time and had no suitable clothes to wear, 10% of respondents came in of their own free will (see previous blog post for more information on why this might be) and what of the remaining the other 5%? Oh they were very confused, they’d lost contact with their better halves and were simply unaware they’d wandered into a shop.


Key Finding 5:


We genuinely love what we do and making customers happy. We continue to be truly amazed at just how exciting and unpredictable our working day can be and to that we can only thank our customers, you really do brighten up our days.


A Miscellaneous  observation worth noting: 


One respondent was so confused by our new signage and shop fit they thought we’d either moved premises or closed down, after spending 30 minutes wandering up and down Montpellier in a state of confusion, passing us on at least 4 occasions, the respondent finally noticed we hadn’t actually moved anywhere at all and came in to see us.


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